Next Generation COLORBOND® Steel Wins Innovation of the Year at 2014 Sustainability Awards

BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies are proud of their recent achievement. BlueScope’s next generation COLORBOND® steel has taken front and centre at the 2014 Sustainability Awards, and has been praised by the competition’s jury for making signficant improvements in performance and sustainability.


BlueScope’s next generation COLORBOND® steel was selected over nine other finalists. Of it’s competitors, included DESSO Airmaster with DESSO Ecobase backing, which too was high commended by the jury for it’s inspirational closed loop material cycle. However, the judges ended up deciding on awarding the top prize to BlueScope because, ““the company has continued a process of significantly improving both the longevity and performance of the ubiquitous COLORBOND® product, while dramatically reducing its environmental impact during manufacture.”


“This major investment in our environment by an Australian company which enjoys major market share (in a difficult market), shows it is not content to sit on its laurels, and that its commitment to sustainability goes beyond the demands of short term profitability.”


A Little Background on COLORBOND® Steel


COLORBOND® steel is available in high volumes for building projects throughout Australia, ranging from residential, commercial to industrial projects. From it’s formation to the end of it’s life, there is significantly less impact environmentally than other forms of steel, due to the innovative changes made to the product’s underlying metal coating.


The changes to COLORBOND® made in the next generation of this product, means that the steel has longer lifespan whilst using fewer resource. This has all been verified by a life cycle assessment (LCA) and through extensive product testing.


What is most astounding about COLORBOND® steel is that is 100% recyclable, and once used can be very easily removed from buildings. COLORBOND® is made using a quarter recycled steel, with another 15 per cent made of pre- and post-consumer recycled materials.


The Thermatech technology that underlies COLORBOND®, also helps to reduce costs of cooling buildings by absorbing heat. COLORBOND® steel may also be used as roofing to attain rainwater for drinking, as COLORBOND® meets the AS/NZS 4020 standards allowing water to be drinkable even after contact with it.


What are some of the key benefits of COLORBOND® Steel?


There are several features that COLORBOND® steel has that has allowed it to take the first prize at the 2014 Sustainability Awards. Together these features make COLORBOND® steel one of the most competitive products on the market.


Below are some of the key initiatives developed by BlueScope to improve the next generation of COLORBOND® steel:


  • BlueScope have added two magnesium compounds to the zinc and aluminium coating in order to improve the galvanising  effect of the zinc. The aluminium in the coating also more actively protects the base metal. This is the first application of it’s type around the globe.


  • The lifetime cycle assessment (LCA) has guided the entire design process of the galvanised COLORBOND® steel product. COLORBOND® was developed in compliance with OSP 14044 and 14040. Every step of the way, COLORBOND® was scrutinised extensively.


  • After assessing the difference between new and old generation COLORBOND® steel, BlueScope found that, according to the lifetime cycle assessment (LC), all eighteen environmental impact categories asssessed decreased due to the longer lifespan and improved metal coating resources. The result was a reduction in fossil and water depletion, as well as a reduced impact on air, water and human health.


  • Next generation COLORBOND® has been subject to extensive testing in order to ensure that is indeed a genuinely longer lasting steel product compared to other similar galvanised painted steel products.


  • Thanks to the improvements in the chemical and mechanical properties of the next generation COLORBOND® steel, BlueScope have extended the warranty by another six years over original COLORBOND® steel.


Why Choose COLORBOND® Steel?


COLORBOND® steel is a strong, secure and energy smart solution to your walls and roofing. Not only is COLORBOND® designed to deliver outstanding long life performance, it also come in a wide variety of colours to match your project. There is also a range of thermally efficient steel products that will keep your home or office cool on sunny, hot days.


Express yourself with a wide colour palette available online and instore at any BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies provider. Some of the benefits of COLORBOND® steel include:


  • A wide range of 22 colours that match classic and contemporary colour palettes.


  • COLORBOND® Steel Matt paint diffuses light subtly in order to achieve a textured look. This option is available in the following: Surfmist, Shale Grey, Dune, Basalt and Monument.


  • COLORBOND® Coolmax Steel is an energy efficient option and environmentally conscious. For a metallic look that is aesthetically unique, try COLORBOND® Metallic Steel on your next project.


  • Finally, for tougher options, you may wish to consider COLORBOND® Ultra Steel or COLORBOND® Stainless Steel for steel that can take a beating without losing aesthetic appeal.


BlueScope’s Activate technology allows COLORBOND® steel to be more resistant and corrosion resistant when drilled, scratched or cut. All these properties prolong COLORBOND®’s lifespan.


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