Should My Business Get an ISO Certification

It is a common thought that ISO certification is meant for large corporate businesses, but don’t be misled by this. In fact, ISO certification can be just as beneficial for small businesses as it is for large, and the standards are designed to help all different sized businesses. After all, 99% of all businesses in the private sector are small businesses!


Take ISO 9001 consulting as an example. The Quality Management standard is a solid first standard that many companies opt for. The clue is in the name of the standard, it is designed to support your company in delivering a quality service and satisfying your customers. An obvious target for any sized company.

So what are the benefits?


Been beat to a contract because your competitor is certified? Many organisations no longer accept bids from companies that do not hold ISO certification. By being able to show that you run an ISO system, you are more likely to be considered for a contract as you are showing that you are a professional company with a commitment to providing a quality service, no matter what your company size is. This will help you gain the edge over any competitors and level the playing field with larger companies.



The number one target for the majority of businesses. Happy customers. As a small business, you will know that the key to repeated business is a high quality customer service. Running an ISO management system can build on your customer satisfaction by improving your running as a company. You will be able to identify and resolve customer relation issues quicker, smarter, and more efficiently before the customer even knows it. You can also prove to potential customers that you are a consistent and reliable company, through the successful marketing of your standard.



When you are a small business, being efficient with your resources can be an effective way of reducing wasted time, money and effort. Running an ISO system can help you to manage your use of resources so that you can identify aspects where savings can be made and action on them. This will help your small business as it allows you to re-allocate your resources to aspects that need it more, keeping your company running smoothly.



Having a feeling something is a good idea should not be the reason you make that business decision. It is a risk and shouldn’t be gambled, especially when you are a small business. With ISO certification, you can look at the facts before you make a business decision, so you can support your choice with the appropriate figures and be able to predict the outcome.


Quality standards include:


ISO 9001- Quality management systems

ISO 13485- Medical Devices

AS 9100- Aerospace

IATF 16949 (Formerly TS 16949)-Automotive

ISO 17025 NATA- Laboratories

ISO 27001- Information security

ISO 55000- Asset Management

NSQHS- National Safety and Quality Health Service


Environment including:


ISO 14001- Environmental management systems

AS 5377-  E-waste


Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)

Environmental Legislation


Health and Safety including:


ISO 45001– The New Standard in Safety

AS 4801

OHSAS 18001

OHS Legislation

Compliance to state-specific OHS requirements e.g. OHS Acts and Regulations

Federal Safety Commission (FSC)


Social Responsibility including:



SA 8000


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