How to Choose a Reliable Electrician in Auckland

Electrician working outside

Sparkie horror stories are unfortunately all too common, but what can you do to make sure you choose a reliable electrician in Auckland instead of a dud? Here’s our expert tips!

Check for qualifications

A reliable electrician should proudly display their qualifications and accreditations with the relevant industry bodies. This qualification will give you some peace of mind as to the standards they adhere to.

Read reviews and references

Again, a good Auckland electrician should be more than happy to offer up references from former or current clients to give you a picture of their service and quality. These days, online reviews can also be found easily, so make sure to have a quick Google before committing to an electrician.

Get a quote in writing

A detailed, written quote is essential for making sure you’re not ripped off. Your electrician should be more than happy to provide such a quote, and to be upfront about any additional costs that may be incurred. Be scrupulous about this so you can ensure you avoid bill shock!

When it comes to getting a quote, make sure that you shop around and get quotes from at least two or three electricians.

Avoid paying cash

Once you’ve found the right tradie and all the work is complete, opt for an electronic payment as opposed to cash. This means you can track or prove the payment if any disputes arise in the future – similarly, make sure you are given a receipt for your payment.

Contact your electrician Auckland today. We can help you with anything when it comes to Auckland electrical services, whether it is test and tag Auckland, or home theatre installation Auckland.

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